The Status Regarding Instant Call Blast.Com Website

Instant Call Blast would like to inform its clients and potential customers that the current status surrounding the website is temporary as the webhosting company that illegally obtained the domain is sorting out it’s financial obligations. The company in question did not pay it’s bills which in no way should be held or reflected against Instant Call Blast.

As it stands, Instant Call Blast is up to date on all it’s financial obligations and is currently retained legal counsel to obtain the rightful ownership of and

Instant Call Blast would like readers to note that we are currently still doing business and that we can be found on our mirror site for the foreseeable future.

We apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused you. We are working to rectify the situation, but again let me remind you that it is a legal matter and the billing issue is out of the control of Antmore Technologies, LLC, the company that manages

The only advice we give to readers is that you do business with a reputable firm who always pays it’s bills on time. It is embarrassing to Instant Call Blast as it should be just as embarrassing to the company in question that cannot run it’s own site.

Instant Call Blast will post updates as more information becomes available. Thank you again and feel free to contact Instant Call Blast if you have any further questions.


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