New Help Section

October 15, 2008

Instant Call Blast would like to remind you that we built a Help Section for our customers. We have recently been receiving many questions that pertained to the same topic and thought that it would be easier to have them all posted in one section instead of telling everyone individually. Some of the things you will see in the Help Section are:

  • How To Guides
  • Brochure
  • Phone Number Format
  • Explanations regarding the technology used and how it works
  • Our FAQ guide

Please check it out from time to time as it will change, expand, and evolve.


What To Do When Robocalls Annoy You

June 21, 2008

Hi Kids!

Today I am going to talk to you about Robocall Safety. Every year I listen to people complain and threaten me, my company, and my very well-being because they received a robocall. Now if you follow my advice, you too will be able to rid your house of those pesky robocalls.

Step 1. When you fill out your voter registration form, don’t include your phone number! If you don’t want them to call you, stop yourself here and you won’t have to follow the remainder steps. This step is the most important!

Step 2. If you already have a number on your registration card, call your local County Board of Elections and ask to have your name removed.

Step 3. If you are too lazy to do that, sign up for the supposed registry. I am sure that “CEO” will help you to become the apathetic voter you aspired to be!

Step 4. When you have completed steps 2 and 3, please suspend the urge to call every robocall company on the web. Unless you feel like being a complete lunatic, be my guest. Don’t be surprised if the people you are talking to didn’t actually handle your calling campaign.

There are many companies operating out of many states and cities and counties. Heck some campaigns are running their own robocall setup and we never had anything to do with it. So don’t blame us. At Instant Call Blast, we review all the messages going out from our equipment. If we don’t like your message or it does not follow state and federal guidelines, we will deny your call blast.

Bottomline, don’t blame the robocall company for sending you the robocall. Blame yourself for giving out your phone number. Once you give an organization that information, they are free to distribute it any way they wish according to their guidelines. Since the dawn of telemarketing, that has always been the golden rule. Just use the same rules that govern your use of your Social Security Number and I don’t have to hear your complaints.

I mean who really has the time to call each and every company listed on the web? A person with too much time on their hands protesting the robocall when they should have gone out and voted! Statistically 1 of every 2 people of voting age doesn’t vote in this country. I am a firm believer that the robocall complainers are a large part of that other 50%.

Be Safe Kids and Don’t Do Drugs!

Brought to you by the Robocall Ad Council