This page is reserved to discuss topics concerning Instant Call Blast’s services and upcoming products yet to be released. We enjoy any and all feedback as long as it is appropriate. There will be no crude or fowl language or your comment won’t be posted. Posting as multiple people will also NOT be tolerated! If you have a service related issue, please feel free to contact the website at

Here are a list of products that Instant Call Blast currently employs for voice messaging, robocall, or voice broadcasting purposes:

Emergency Blast (SM)

Poll Blast (SM)

Patient Blast (SM)

Political Blast (SM)

Religious Blast (SM)

School Blast (SM)

Sports Blast (SM)

Ticket Blast (SM)

Union Blast (SM)

Wake Up Blast (SM)

Here are some of the products that will be rolled out in the coming months:

Text Blast (SM)

Blast Rewind (SM)

If you check out our website under “Services” you will find a list and a description of each one of these products.


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